Production & Pollution control

Reliable presently has a capacity to manufacture about 180 M.Tons per month of Vinyl Sulphone derivatives with various bases. All the products are controlled for its quality application in-situ, during the process. Each plant is having its own individual plant laboratory to check the in-situ, parameters for better quality control. The final product is analyzed in the central laboratory with latest equipments & procedures such as GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY, H.P.T.L.C., T.L.C., P.C. etc.

Nearly 80% of its production is being exported worldwide to various clients including multinationals.

Progress simply cannot justify environmental pollution. Within the Reliable premises the township and even in the surrounding villages, we have planted nature’s best pollution fighter “TREES". What we have actually done to fight pollution gives us the satisfaction of a goal achieved. Even as we plan new schemes for growth, we continue to search for newer and better ways of combating pollution. This is a part of our commitment to “NATURE".

We generate our own electricity by installing 100 kW solar photo voltic system and 800 kW wind mill generator thus we use 100% renewable electricity. We use biomass briquettes and pellets for steam/thermal heat generation which is 100% renewable energy.

Moreover, today, pollution control plays a vital role to run the industry along with quality production. Therefore, we have a well-equipped primary & secondary effluent treatment plants. However- to cope up the highly hazardous effluents, we have set up series of incinerators, multi effect evaporators ( 1500 litres / hr ), reverse osmosis filtration system & crystallizers, thus enabling us to proudly declare our complex as a ZERO POLLUTION DISCHARGE unit with TOTAL POLLUTION CONTROL.