Reliable Dye Chem Pvt. Ltd. was established in the small-scale sector in the state of Gujarat, India, with sound technical, administrative and financial resources in 1990. Over the time, Reliable has made rapid strides in the manufacturing of Dye Intermediates. Today Reliable is rated as one of the fast growing professionally managed Dye Intermediate manufacturer, which delivers value-added high-quality products to match international Standards.


The company started with the production of Para Base Ester i.e. Vinyl Sulphone Ester of Acetanilide in the year 1990. In 1992, the R & D team at Reliable developed the method of producing OAVS, PCVS & 2:5 DMAVS i. e. “A”, “K” and “D” Esters on a pilot plan. By 1994, Reliable put up facilities to produce the above three Esters on a large scale i.e. 50MT/month of each product.

Since then, Reliable has never looked back and has gone on to develop various derivatives of Vinyl Sulphone with its own efforts. Due to this and continuous developmental work it has the following list of Vinyl Sulphone derivatives besides some other products. Please see our products section to view our catalog.